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 A new word for the training professional’s dictionary


Entertrainment = The art of making Business Training entertaining

 Training from Qualified Psychologists & Professional Entertainers.  Our work is built around the very best research in Positive Psychology. Tried and tested work place psychology. New thinking such as Cognitive Behavioral  Techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and advance learning techniques.  Delivered by qualified psychologists and professional entertainers, with comedy, magic and focus fun.

“you will never say training is boring again”

           in-house and open courses

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Training Courses

“Amazing training and even a hypnosis show, wow! …we continue to use these stress management techniques all the time, thank you.” Simon Howarth ~ Wythenshawe, Manchester, Loyds TSB


Team Building in Essex

“We have never had so much positive feedback from a training provider.Thanks, it looks like you are going to be seeing everyone who works here now.Next we will be inviting your trainer to the Christmas do!” Steve Bloor, Quantum Computing ~ Sale, Manchester… and they did!


Our Clients

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Why You Should Join Us

  • Professional Business Training courses from Qualified Business Psychologists and professional entertainers
  • Using traditional tried and tested psychology, new thinking with NLP, CBT, Advanced learning; no one offers you more
  • We train anywhere in the world for no extra charge, just travel and accommodation costs.
  • If you want qualified psychologists, energetic, lively, dynamic, Entertrainment – Call Now!
  • If you want old, boring, mind dulling, dreary, lacklustre training – Please Don’t Call Us!

6990659-man-pointing-at-businessman-s-clown-s-nose“Our team building day was a great success thanks to the excellent training provided by Absolutely Positive. We had a great time and learned a lot about keeping motivated and stress free. The trainers enthusiasm was infectious and even the most sceptical amongst us were captivated by the positive engagement on the day”     Pete Lovatt  Careers Manager Better Choices Connexions Manchester

“Thanks for offering us some interesting and unusual techniques to keep us confident and motivated. It was, as you say, very different from the normal run of the mill training and our team really enjoyed your presentation!”   Anthony Bow Co-Op Banking Manchester

“Vibrant training, entertaining, motivational and real life solutions for real life business problems; certainly the best training we have ever had. Also very very funny, comedy, magic tricks certainly kept us attentive as we were wondering what the trainer was going to do next. These techniques we are still using months after the event”   Sian Bloor Trafford Education