How can you tell if there is a stress problem in your company?

 It’s not always easy to spot the signs of stress…

 From a company point of view, signs of stress include:


  • High absenteeism and sickness levels
  • Poor morale amongst staff
  • Customer complaints
  • Long-hours work culture
  • Employees not taking their full holiday entitlement
  • Unhappy work environment
  • Low productivity and efficiency
  • Negative impact on bottom line profits
  • High staff turnover


Then again, it’s not always easy to spot stress at work if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even if you asked all your employees if they were stressed, would they tell you the truth? Remember they might see you as the problem.


Nevertheless, one in five people at your company would consider themselves stressed.

If you need help identifying stress in your company, talk to us now. It’s often easier for an outside impartial body to ask questions like this and get responses!

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