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Dr Alistair Stevenson                           

Stress Management Expert

  Speaker for corporate events, providing training days and sessions to individuals and group settings.

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Do you need a professional speaker who will blow the socks off you and your audience?  It’s tough to find professionals with both the guts and ability to be ‘different’ but more often than not, a revived approach is exactly what you need to sharpen every area of your life. This is a Alistair went into a congested, established marketplace, created a vacuum and in doing so, made the established organisations and businesses look fuddy duddy.  Alistair built a hugely successful business, from nothing. Having gone through all the peaks and pit-falls that came with it, he has a track record of resonating with all audiences, of any size and background. Book Alistair for your event.

  • Ready to get the best out of your team?
  • Alistair Stevenson is different because his way works.
  • Often, when companies want innovation,  they seek motivational or inspirational speakers. When companies REALLY want to be innovative and edgy, beyond a bullet point on a powerpoint, they turn to Alistair.
  • As well as credible, logical, and straight to-the-point, you’ll find that his motivational business message is consistent:
  • Are you ready to get your team fully focused and fired-up?
  • You’ve just found the full package.


Changing lives and workplaces,  Alistair Stevenson brings:

Humor, strategies and tools to inspire, motivate and improve the attitudes and performance of conference, meeting, workshop or seminar attendees. He works with organizations that want to unleash the maximum potential of their employees and create an environment for positive and productive people.

Audiences enjoy Alistair’s unique speeches. Whether it’s a moment that’s touching and moving like when he was dropped off at school at the age of 5 by a father who would not return, to practical like how autopilot behaviors throw off your entire day and ways to change them or pure motivation and inspiration like how he put himself back through an education system that had abandoned him to get into University to earn credentials for a career move, Alistair captures and maintains audiences’ attention!

Start your meeting with electricity! If you’re looking to inspire and motivate your group, consider this and book Alistair today.

You are very inspirational, very!

My employees needed someone who could boost their morale…you did that!

We haven’t had this type of turnout in months…your story motivated them!



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