Stress Management, Steps to relive anxiety

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In this potentially highly stressful working world high level executives are taking steps to relive anxiety and promote emotional well being, with the idea that doing so will make them more productive and motivated. There are many different methods executives can choose, ranging from taking a stress management programme, to unusual stress relief techniques which are said to have a cathartic affect on employees who are frustrated or anxious.

Executive stress management coaching

Stress management coaching is an attempt to train executives to cope better with their own stress, and to be able to help their employees deal with theirs. Individuals who undergo training are taught how to handle financial stress, balance their home and work life, communicate well and resolve conflict when under pressure.

Coaching comes with an executive price tag and can set bbalances back by up to £1500, which may sound like a hefty price, but if it works respondents may find it worth the effort and cash.

Laughter therapy

Most people know that laughter makes them feel good and can relieve tension. High level executives are using humor to help them manage work related stress and deal with everyday pressure. Laughter reduces the release of stress hormones, and increases feel good ones, resulting in a win/win situation for high flyers who need workable methods of dealing with stress.

Corporate leadership training

High level executives who feel stress due to having the responsibility of many employees can find extra training on how to delegate, organize and communicate well with other people makes them feel more confident and relaxed. Leadership training tends to take place away from the office and home district, so also provides individuals with a change of scene, far from a demanding work life.







Executives often discover that taking part in sports, such as squash and hockey, provides them with much needed relief from stress and frustration caused by a heavy workload. Physical exertion can help feel good hormones to circulate, while making individuals feel physically relaxed after venting away negative feelings in the sports arena.

# Pampering

Massage, hot rock treatment, and cranial head massage, are all methods executives use to make them feel better when under pressure. Tight knots and anxiety held within the body can be released, while the pleasantness of gentle surroundings such as a day spa, makes individuals happier.


Retreats are safe havens where executives can go to get in touch with their spiritual side and learn self help methods of dealing with stress. Meditation, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, yoga, tai chi and other forms of stress management can be learned, and skills taken away for use when required.

High level executives use different methods of stress management, depending on individual needs, and often due to company policy and ideas. Stress alleviation may take place within a group activity, when training occurs, or individually in the form of relaxation techniques.

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